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Month: November 2017

Special Prosecutor Mueller Just Opened An Investigation into Kellyanne Conway

KellyAnne Conway may finally have gone too far. Her attacks last week on Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones, the Democratic opponent of Republican alleged child molester Roy Moore, brought on charges that her politically motivated rant was a violation of the Hatch Act which prevents executive branch employees from engaging in partisan political activities as […]

President Trump Just Got Terrible News About The Investigation Into Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. has — in the first year of his father’s presidency — quickly emerged as the frontrunner for most incompetent member of the Trump team, a staggering accomplishment considering the unparalleled level of corruption and ignorance that infects the ignominious group from top to bottom. His constant bumblings, self-incrimination, and idiotic grandstanding have […]

The Republican ‘Uranium One’ Clinton Conspiracy Just Collapsed In An Embarassing Fashion

In their clamor to take attention from the mountain of misdeeds emanating from the Trump administration, Republicans have gone retro and brought back one of their greatest hits, one that they created back in the 90’s and have been successfully playing ever since: the Hillary Clinton investigation. From Limbaugh to Hannity, all the right-wing mouthpieces […]

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