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Month: December 2017

MSNBC’s Joy Reid just gave Sheriff Clarke a knockout blow after he attacked media on Twitter

In a move tackily reminiscent of Trump’s own Twitter feed, former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke posted a puerile meme in a pathetic attempt to pander to the President’s base of far-right conservatives. The intent was not lost on MSNBC’s Joy Reid, who delivered a viral ass-kicking to the disgraced sheriff in response. Notwithstanding the […]

Trump just showed his cards about a 2018 Democratic takeover in desperate New Year’s Eve tweet

In a tweet putting his fears about a 2018 Democratic takeover of Congress on full display, Trump has begun fear mongering to dissuade voters from the imminent “blue wave” expected during the next mid-term elections. Ironically, Trump claims that “smart voters” wouldn’t want to elect Democrats in 2018, despite the fact that his incendiary rhetoric […]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid just revealed what everyone missed about Trump’s bizarre NY Times interview

MSNBC news host Joy Reid published an epic Twitter thread following the release of President Trump’s recent interview with the New York Times.  The interview caught everyone by surprise, first and foremost because it was with the Times,  publication with which the president has been incredibly hostile, but also for his calculated language and his trademark self-promotional flourishes with […]

Senate Republicans just proposed a radical rule change to ram through Trump’s nominees

If you didn’t already think that Senate Republicans were the most hypocritical and self-serving group of individuals since, well, House Republicans, their latest proposed move may be the incident that pushes it over the edge. The Hill reports today that senior Republican leadership in the Senate is considering changing Senate rules to accelerate the approval of President […]

Dan Rather just ended the year with a chillingly brutal review of Trump’s treasonous presidency

The much-admired former CBS News anchor Dan Rather just capped off his year of negative commentary on the Trump presidency with a brutal summation of the depths the country has plunged into in his latest Facebook post reacting to the interview with President Trump published yesterday in The New York Times. Rather begins with the evidence that things have gone astray… […]

Trump’s UN Ambassador Just Fell For A Humiliating Prank By Russian Comedians Live On Air

Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations just got pranked by a pair of Russian comedians who got her to declare that Putin “absolutely” interfered in the elections of a fictitious South China Sea island country (listen below). UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told comedians Vovan and Lexus – whose real names are Alexei Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov – […]

Trump just screwed up while attacking Obama on Twitter and had to delete it, but it gets worse

The master of fake news struck again yesterday. President Donald Trump tweeted out a petty graphic comparing the American efforts against ISIS under his administration to those under President Obama’s. Ignoring the gross oversimplification of warfare that the tweet relays in its ignoring of the fact that the momentum established under Obama was simply continued […]

Mueller just took one giant step closer to Jared Kushner with today’s surprise move

Despite Trump’s fervent wishes, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation shows no signs of slowing down and indeed seems to be picking up steam going into the new year. He’s already claimed three indictments, including former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, as well as a plea deal from disgraced National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Things are […]

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