The Cop Who Assaulted A Nurse In Viral Video Just Got What He Deserves

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The Criminal Cop Who Assaulted A Nurse In Viral Video Just Got What He Deserves

The viral video of Salt Lake City police officer Jeff Payne brutally arresting a nurse for refusing to draw blood from a badly injured man without a warrant has prompted a swift apology from the city and an investigation from the police department.

Mayor Jackie Biskupski gave this statement on the incident, which showed once again the appalling violence and disrespect that many police officers show the people they ostensibly protect and serve.

“Like many of you, I watched the video of police officers interacting with University of Utah Medical Center nurse Alex Wubbles [sic] for the first time through the media late yesterday. What I saw is completely unacceptable to the values of my Administration and of the values of the Salt Lake City Police Department. I extend a personal apology to Ms. Wubbles for what she has been through for simply doing her job.”

Officer Payne has been “suspended” from the blood draw program, but he is still considered active duty and is on paid leave pending an investigation.

It’s infuriating to see how this police officer made an unconstitutional and unethical request of Nurse Wubbles and to use violence to try to force her to do as he wanted. The results of this investigation had better end in a severe punishment.

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13 thoughts on “The Cop Who Assaulted A Nurse In Viral Video Just Got What He Deserves

    1. L. Hale

      I agree, and if we continue to allow militarization of our police forces, it will be 1937 all over again.

  1. josephine lucciola

    We need our police officers they do keep the animals at bay but with so much poor behavior being highlighted it is clear that more training should be provided to all officers, they are human, deal with so much that most will never know about in their life time. Rather than take them out 1 by 1 and what- hope for the best out come of his replacement?? Additional training throughout his career essential to ensure every officer is enabled to deal with every situation faced with.

    1. Ralph` Williams

      This just took something the guy did not have, “Common Sense.” He probably threw tantrums as a child when told NO.

    2. Chad Motz

      Why use animals to keep the animals at bay. Keep the animals in cages….don’t give them guns and carte blanche to terrorize law abiding citizens…

  2. Bruce

    Jeff PAIN prolly covering for the original police incompetence in high speed chase of what dead “perp’s'” ‘crime’?

  3. The Voice

    He’s getting a paid holiday!!! He won’t “get what he deserves” until the cell doors slam shut on him!!

    1. Brian Jennison

      That’s what I was thinking. When the cop gets fired, and convicted of assault, then maybe he’ll be getting what he deserves. Don’t hold your breath…

  4. Judith Lynn

    I think she should SUE the police department–use this as an example to other potentially abusive cops.

    1. Josh

      If she sues the police department, which I think she should and will, the taxpayer foots the legal cost for said department, along with the settlement. Just so ya know.

  5. c johnnson

    I believe that every department should be overseen by a neutral prosecutor much like Robert Mueller on a much broader level. This department did not even know the current law that is inexcusable. I see assault and abuse of his office.


    When are we going to get these ignorant people out of office and off our streets. These bad apples ruin it for all the good ones. He is not being punished as he still has his pay.


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