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George Takei Just Gave The Real Reason For Trump’s Fixation On HIllary

Star Trek legend George Takei has had enough of the constant stream of blame shifting and evasive distractions emanating from the White House and its Republican Congressional supporters.

The latest focus from the Trump administration on trying to pin Russian collusion on Hillary Clinton instead of on the members of his campaign team who met with Russian lawyers and diplomats and called on Wikileaks & Russian hackers to obtain and release Clinton’s email, has the man who portrayed Lt. Sulu on the popular classic sci-fi series hopping mad.

While hope was the primary theme of the Obama era, hate has been Trump’s message since the beginning of his presidential campaign wich used divisive tactics to engender support from an alienated group of Americans who were receptive to a message that was being primed and aimed at them by Russian botnets on Facebook.

Starting with the premise that America was no longer great, Trump blamed everyone but the true culprits in the decline of America’s middle class: the greed of corporate billionaires and oligarchs whose percentage of the nation’s wealth steadily increased while the rest of the country’s income remained flat or decreased.

Let’s hope that the American public is smart enough to see through Trump’s transparent efforts to set them up against each other instead of rallying to change the policies that have led to this current morass. With a persistent campaign of disinformation trying to position tax cuts for billionaires, accompanied by cuts in social services, education, healthcare, and anything else that benefits the average American over the rich, as a positive for the country as a whole, the Republicans in Congress and the Trump administration are counting on hate and resentment overcoming hope, reason, and facts to give them and their corporate benefactors the ultimate victory.

At least George Takei is on the case to remind the public otherwise.

Updated: October 28, 2017 — 9:07 pm

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