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A Pulitzer Winner Just Gave Sarah Huckabee Sanders The Brutal Public Shaming She Deserves

When Sean Spicer was fired as White House Press Secretary, President Trump did not put our a job notice reading “Seeking unscrupulous liar. Most convincingly deny the most blatantly obvious facts. Racism a plus.

Trump did not send out that notice because he didn’t have to. Sarah Huckabee Sanders was already in the administration and ready to fit the bill.

In a pitch perfect op-ed for the LA Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist David Horsey explains beautifully why Sanders is a perfect fit for Trump’s chief mouthpiece.

Horsey writes of Spicer that, “Lying seemed to fluster him.” His successor, however, is different:

“Sanders betrays no qualms about her role. She delivers the daily load of fibs and evasions in a flat, emotionless voice and, if questioned, keeps her cool, repeats her fallacious statements and sneers as if she hopes there is a firing squad waiting outside for the upstart journalist.”

Most notably, Horsey marvels at Sanders’ straight-faced ability to stand on national television hours after the indictments of multiple top aides to the Trump campaign and say, “Today’s announcement has nothing to do with the president.”

Sanders, Horsey notes, was just getting started with the absurd claim:

“Taking the offensive, Sanders confidently delivered the new Republican talking point that, if anyone were guilty of colluding with Moscow, it was Hillary Clinton — which is the boldest evasion anyone in the Trump camp has come up with, so far.

“The Russia probe began with solid information from U.S. intelligence services about a pervasive Russian disinformation campaign aimed at boosting Trump’s chances to win the presidency and discredit his opponent, Clinton. That intelligence has now been reinforced by revelations from Facebook and Twitter detailing thousands of bogus messages and ads placed on social media by Russian operatives. Suspicions that the Trump campaign may have colluded with the Russians in this effort prompted the appointment of the special prosecutor and led to discovery of multiple meetings between Trump campaign officials and Russians in which the Trump folks — including Donald Trump Jr. and Papadopoulos — showed eagerness to get dirt on Clinton.”

Horsey describes Sanders’ act as “deranged political jujitsu” and ends his piece by placing her black belt level deception in historical context:

“Over the years we have seen many White House press secretaries who did a good job representing the interests of their administrations. They managed to put a positive spin on things without straying too far from facts. By that standard, Sanders is a failure. But in the world of Trump, spin is in, ignorance is strength and facts are nothing more than what you want them to be. By that new standard, Sanders is a pro.”



Updated: November 2, 2017 — 8:38 pm


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  1. Frankly, I do not understand the whole political press entourage doesn’t just walk out of TWH press room as soon as SS starts her familiar lying act. They have seen it all before from her, they know it’s coming and they know no truthful answers will be given, none whatsoever, nada, zilch, the rhetoric will all be none other than the purest of pure fuming horse manure.

  2. Brilliant! Best words ever! Ha ha!

    True depiction of the redneck hillbillie sarah.

    Good luck America, support from Perth, Western Australia!

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