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Roy Moore Just Got A Nasty Surprise At His Latest Speech

Roy Moore is going to have to speak up if he wants to be heard over all the interruptions during this last leg of the campaign for Alabama Senate.

It’s not just the chorus of women speaking out about Moore’s sexual misconduct – his string of inappropriate advances on girls as young as 14 when Moore was in his 30s. No, now Moore’s struggling to get through speeches without interruptions from the peanut gallery, featuring nuts both for and against him.

During a speech at an old Alabama church in South Mobile County, Moore was interrupted twice by protesters while he was in the middle of trying to discredit one of his nine female accusers.

As he was in the middle of saying that one of the women alleging sexual assault was lying for political reasons, an anti-Moore protester began questioning how it was possible for the Moore campaign to ignore all of the accusations.

“The entire time, all the girls are lying?” he yelled before being escorted out by police.

He was quickly followed by what appeared to be a pro-Moore supporter wearing a t-shirt that said “Gimme Moore.”

As police tried to wrangle him too, the second man asked, “Does that look like the face of a molester?”

The second protester was actually Tony Barbieri, a comedian connected to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Churchgoers captured some of the exchange on video.

Despite what passes for a lively exchange of ideas in Alabama – two nuts screaming inside a church, with only one actual nut – Moore won’t have to worry about the church vote. His fire-and-brimstone inspired platform, which essentially supports setting the country back a minimum of 50 years is working here. That’s good new for Moore, because turning back the clock makes every man – and especially woman and child – feel that much younger. Which to Moore is attractive.

Updated: November 30, 2017 — 7:25 pm

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