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Trump Just Lashed Out At Hillary In A Desperate Attempt to Distract from Russia Indictments

The heat on President Trump from the upcoming indictments in the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russian interference in the elections last year is rising to the point that he’s spent all morning tweeting blame at Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to try to draw attention away from his own administration’s misdeeds.

Yes, the dossier created by a company initially funded by a “never-Trump” Republican is now labeled “fake” like everything else that presents information damaging to the president no matter how factual it is or isn’t. Perhaps, he’s just nostalgic for the days when Hillary and not his entire administration was the subject of multiple investigations by Congress and the FBI. The big difference? None of the investigations of Hillary showed any wrongdoing and none resulted in indictments.


The Uranium to Russia deal? Already investigated and found to be false. The 33,000 plus deleted emails? There were months of investigations by the FBI in this matter, and they publicly exonerated her. The Comey fix? He must be referring to the fix he had hoped to get in the investigation into the Russian election meddling when he fired Comey as he publicly admitted on NBC News.

Collusion doesn’t exist? Let’s see what comes out in the indictments tomorrow, but every national security agency has agreed that there was Russian interference in the election and your son met with a Russian emissary, your campaign manager was in the employ of Pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians, your national security advisor was fired for lying about his contacts with the Russians, and your Attorney General met with Russian “diplomats” to discuss removing sanctions and lied about it in his confirmation hearings. And apparently, you don’t remember the millions of dollars spent by a Republican-led Congress on the Benghazi hearings. Now that was a real evil political witch hunt, not the legitimate investigation of the smoke to find the fire that we’re in right now.

Ever hear of the psychological concept of “projection”, Mr. President? That’s when a person projects his own faults on others and blames them for what they are guilty of themselves. Yes, the facts are pouring out. That’s why the indictments are coming tomorrow. And yes, something is finally being done about it. No wonder you’re so worried that you push phony, unsubstantiated stories about Clinton and the Democrats. Only dictators have the power to unilaterally declare guilt without fats or a trial, and luckily we haven’t reached that level…yet.

This “Russia talk” has been going on since before election day. Remember when you called on Russia to hack Hillary’s email? Your historic tax cuts will line the pockets of yourself and your billionaire cronies above all else while the cuts in benefits and social services used to pay for those tax reductions will hurt millions.

Lashing out on the eve of historic indictments, is this coincidental? NOT!

Your days are numbered, and we can’t wait.

Updated: October 29, 2017 — 9:08 pm

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